Pacer Sports has been delivering custom Footwear, Apparel & Head Wear to the US Market for the past 35 years. Founded in 1989 we have been developing products for brands such as Van’s, Airwalk and New Era Cap as well as working closely with US & International Licensing Partners the likes of Major League Baseball, Marvel Comics, the NFL, NBA, NHL and the NCAA to name a few all in an effort to bring high quality relevant products to market. Our products have been features across many popular venues such as ESPN and many Social Media Outlets. Through the years both our team & retail partners have been asking Pacer to design and bring to market our own brand of products which they could offer to their consumers. I am excited to announce that our newest venture has Pacer doing just that.


Pacer has developed a quality line of Headwear, Fanwear & Team Apparel which will carry the Pacer label and can be found only on Select Partner Websites housed right here on PacerShops.com. Pacer understands the budget constraints and fund raising frustrations which Non-Profit organizations face on a daily basis. Rest assured, whether your a Little League Organization a Public/Private School System with hundreds of members or a single baseball travel team with fifteen, Pacer can tailor a fund raising plan which will assist you in reaching your goals.


You can expect to see more Pacer products over the coming months. We Thank You for your Patronage and hope you enjoy our products.